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Diversified CashFlow Funding provides cash flow consulting services in Six main Income Categories to include Business-based, Collateral-based, Consumer-based, Contingency-based, Government-based, and Insurance-based. We specialize in Business-based and Collateral-based Income payments providing such services as CASH for notes or invoices.



  • Business Notes
  • We buy business contracts or notes where the owner either financed or is financing the business buyer. We Buy seasoned or non-seasoned Notes. Are you having trouble selling your business? Try owner financing and email us to BUY your note for CASH Today. Img44.gif


  •  Img29.pngReal Estate Notes or Private Mortgages
  • We Buy owner financed residential mortgages or multi-dwelling apartments notes. Are you having trouble selling your property? Try owner financing and call us before hand. We can give you a pre-approval on your yet to be created Note. This will provide you with a contingent approval insuring that your Note can be bought by our company. We buy at closing email now. Img6.gif
  • Mobile Home Notes or Mortgages
  • We Buy Mobile Home notes with or without land. We are in the business of helping people convert payments from Mobile Home Sales into immediate Cash. If you are selling your Mobile Home we can buy your note upon settlement. Just advertise your Mobile home as owner financing and email us Today. Are you holding multiple notes email now we can help. emailmestar.gif
  • Portfolios of Automobile or Mobile Home Notes
  • Do your dealership offer "Buy Here-Pay Here" financing? If so, have you ever thought about selling that portfolio of paper? We represent investors who purchase large portfolios of automobile or Mobile home notes from dealers just like you. Imagine the additional inventory you could buy with CASH in hand Today than Tomorrow. an10.gif
  • Medical Receivable Funding
  • Medical receivable funding commonly include: 1) Cash advanced by our Funding source to the Provider of health care services- the Funding source then collects payment from the third-party payor such as insurance companies and government insurers. 2) The Funding source holds an ownership position on the health provider receivable that are funded by the source. 3) The receivable are purchased by the Funding source passing ownership and the credit risk of non-payment of the medical billings to the Funding source. an10.gif
  •  Health Care Claims Processing
  • Claims processing is critical to a health care provider cash flow...thus the business success and longevity depends on the proper collection and handling of medical claims billings. We have Funding sources who will Invoice third-party payors (commercial insurance companies, HMOs, Medicare or Medicaid), individuals who have no insurance or co-payments freeing the Health Care provider from these tasks, so they can concentrate on medical problems rather than billing problems. Managing the collection of accounts receivable and financial reporting and analysis is provide also. Call for more detail information.   emailmescolling.gif
  •  Commercial Receivable Funding
  • Do you operate a profitable business that occasionally run short of cash? What do you do when your Bank says No? Don't let tight credit lines stop or slow your company growth. If too much of your money is tied-up in 30, 60, 90 day terms to your customers then you can benefit from our services. Think of the possibilities if your company had a receivable-based "credit line" needing no other collateral other than your invoices. When you have cash on demand you can: 1) Fund business growth internally 2) Meet seasonal demands 3) Take early-pay discounts 4) Improve credit rating 5) Attract and accommodate new and larger clients with longer terms. Advantages to our service are: 1) "Credit line" grows as your business grows 2) No restriction on the use of funds 3) No new debt is created 5) You are in control of your cash flow. emailmestar.gif


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